Monday, 27 March 2017

Women's Fashion Shoe Trends 2017

 Ladies shoes in the sizes 31-35 and 42 it was formerly a real challenge.Meanwhile, the established shoe brands have expanded their collections and introduced fresh models of ladies' shoes in special sizes, which are in no way inferior to those of the standard sizes in terms of comfort or design.

Here are some tips and tricks for you how to find the perfect shoes in oversizes and underwear and what you should still pay attention to when buying your shoes. There are actually colors, shapes and designs that make your feet look smaller or larger.

Shoe shops usually have only a few models in the range. There is a shoe that you finally like, but the desired size is of course long gone.

Talk to the dealer (personally, on the phone or via e-mail) and ask which day of the week new models are delivered. This information is worth gold. Alternatively, you can also ask if the pair is available in the desired size in another store or online.

 Ladies usually spend a lot of money on their shoes in oversize / underwear, because they are so rare to find.

Find a brand that you love, or an online store where high-quality shoes can be ordered in these sizes, and sign up for their newsletter. They will then be among the first to learn about a sale or a special action. This could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Many famous actresses and models live on a large foot and, through their glamorous performances, prove that fashion is a wonderful way to conceal small beauty gags like big feet.

Shoes in dark colors make big feet appear smaller than shoes in light or pastel tones. In addition to black, dark gray shades as well as earth colors like Bordeaux are perfect.

Lace pumps or tapered ballerinas are the worst choice if you want to conceal your big feet. Shoes, on the other hand, which are rounded at the front, allow the feet to look smaller immediately.

Even women with small shoe sizes often have great problems finding suitable shoes. In the children's section there are also cool models without Velcro or pompoms that adults can wear, but they are not suitable for any occasion.

Good variants for small shoe sizes are padded shoes and sneakers with wedge heel.They build up volume and provide for a few centimeters of additional height. A good choice are still pointed shoes. They are actually three to five centimeters longer than rounded shoes with the same size and extend the foot not only optically. Decorated shoe tips and elaborate details create additional foot centimeters.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Home remedies and care tips against eyerings

The skin of the eye is very delicate and very thin than at any other part of the face. It is precisely this zone that is marked by the signs of the times. The reasons for the unpleasant dark eye rings are mostly in the unhealthy way of life. They often occur as a result of sleep deficiency. Alcohol and cigarettes, inadequate water drowning intensify the dark pigmentation of the skin.

Some people have a genetic predisposition to dark rings and it is the most difficult to get them out. And exactly to the question: can you do something against eye-rings, you will find quite in the following.

In order to find the right treatment against eye rings, the cause should first be inquired. Different diseases are accompanied by discoloration of the sensitive skin under the eyes and this can be a signal for which.

Why should you consult with a specialist dermatologist, or your family doctor first. Stress, too little fluid intake, increased alcohol consumption, too little fresh air leave their marks uncomfortably on the face. On the surface, the problem can be dealt with by adequate care so that the eye parts look nicer and fresher, but the new cell formation should be supported from the inside.

In the course of life the human face loses in fat, loses volume, the small fold then looks deeper, the skin becomes thinner, including fine blood vessels visible.

Light-skinned people often suffer from this problem, which naturally has thinner skin and try to lighten it quickly. Cosmetics advise against application lightening cream as they are too intense for the sensitive eye area.

The good eye cream is characterized by light, fast-absorbing consistency and really small packaging. The last is adequate due to the low durability after opening. Care products must be applied with gentle, gentle dipping movements with the fingertips, knocking from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

Through the cold, the blood vessels contract, and a chilled poultice or cold compress causes the swelling of every kind the fastest. Two tea bags of chamomile tea or other variety, no fruit tea because of the dyes or other aromatic after use cool and put on the eyes, leave to work for 15-20 minutes. The black tea due to the large caffeine content has an additional refreshing effect.

Cucumbers have a natural lightening and toning effect on the skin. Combined with the cool, the freshness effect is guaranteed. Simply cut two thick slices of a fresh cucumber, allow them to cool for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator and then place on the affected skin surface for about 10 minutes. Wash the face with cool water and apply hydrating toning eye cream. Repeat twice a week for best results

Every woman knows the several possibilities of using the coffee set - against cellulite as a homemade peeling, with swelling and against eye-rings also. Prepare a mask yourself and use it twice a week to achieve the best effect. Here the required ingredients:
  • Cooled coffee grounds
  • Ground black pepper
  • Coconut oil
  • Mix all ingredients until a paste is obtained and apply to the affected areas without rubbing. 
  • Leave for about 10 minutes and then wash off.
One means which helps against swelling and impurities of the skin is the vitamin C. It has punishing and skin-lightening properties is also obtained in the natural state by fruits and vegetables from the market. For the homemade mask you need freshly squeezed juice from tomato and lemon. Mix in the ratio 1: 1 or 1: 2, add some salt and turmeric, then mix to a paste. Apply the mixture to the eyes and wash with water after 10 minutes.

From the primer, to the eyebrows, to the eye make-up - for a flawless face, all make-up elements should be right. I give you simple make-up tips and tricks for a glamorous appearance and take frequent mistakes under the magnifying glass.

Simple make-up tips and tricks for a flawless face!

In eight simple steps, we will guess the most important makeup tips and tricks that should be taken into account when applying make-up.

Question - Can I make myself immediately after applying the daily cream?

Answer - No. First massage the facial cream. This is the first thing you should do in the morning. After about 30 minutes / after breakfast / apply a powder or primer

Question - Does the pencil correct the eyebrow shape best?

Answer - No. The pencil can give the thin eyebrows the desired shape. Bushy eyebrows, on the other hand, often need an eyebrow shaper and eyebrow brush.

Question: Is it true that the lips look fuller when the lipliner is darker than the lipstick?

Answer - No. Choose a shade brighter lipliner than the lipstick. Then apply the lipstick, wait 5 minutes and apply lip gloss to the middle of the lower lip. This way, the mouth is guaranteed full.

Anyone who emphasizes the eyes should consider some simple makeup tips and tricks:

Question - Eyeshadows are best applied with a brush, right?

Answer - The individual colors can be applied with a brush, but creating a smooth transition between the brighter and the darker nuances, you can simply rub your eyeshadows with your fingers.

Question - I have eye folds, which eyeshadows will hide the fine lines 

  Avoid the brocade eyeshadows. Gentle pastel shades like beige, peach, or light brown will successfully hide the fine lines.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Would you like some new jewelery? Then you can make it yourself, instead of spending money

Would you like some new jewelery? Then you can make it yourself, instead of spending money. With simple materials such as wire, beads or even fabrics, you can create original jewelery, which will be envious. We have put together some great ideas and instructions for you to make your own rings.

For this idea for rings to be used, use any wire. This is best to be rust-free and not deformed at all. Well suited, for example, aluminum wire. Alloy wire rings can make you the easiest with the help of a pair of pliers and a round object that should have the same diameter as your finger. Form like a rose here and paint the ring as desired or use the same colored wire.

Very modern, it is also currently wearing a ring over the joint.You can also choose the shape of the ring itself. If you make such rings yourself, first cut a longer piece of wire. You can then remove the surplus at the end.

Then shape the wire roughly with the help of a pair of pliers to the desired shape. Then place it on the finger. The two ends of the wire should overlap on the underside.Now you can check the shape again and possibly change it.

Now you can already cut off the surplus. The two overlapping ends should be turned carefully so that the ring does not deform and become more or less tight. Already the ring is ready. You can also make several rings yourself and then combine them together. If you want to make rings of pearls yourself, you can also use wire again.

This should be thin enough to fit through the holes of the beads, respectively the holes should be large enough for the wire. In order to avoid beads or stones, the wire is simply formed into a loop. You can also decorate it with a leather band.As you can see, you can create original and unique rings by using simple things. And the ideas are also difficult to implement.

Which materials you use for your DIY ideas, you decide in principle. You only have to decide whether you have the right tool for editing the respective material. This usually requires sandpaper for wood, but also a saw.

Where we are about the topic of wood: driftwood is a very popular material when it comes to maritime decoration. For the various decorations can be tinkered with driftwood and even furniture pieces such as couch tables can be produced.

Metal is easiest to process in the form of wire. Above all pretty jewelry can be made beautifully from wire and can be adorned with trailers from modeling clay. However, many other beautiful decorations can also be produced with modeling clay, such as Fimo.

Leather also has a special charisma, which can also be replaced by artificial leather. Thus, leather straps can be used for everyday items such as shelves or as towel holders. For crafting with leather, there are various DIY ideas for decorations.

Make jewelery from leather or create an attractive stool. Decorations can also be made with building materials. Flower pots or candlesticks, for example, are wonderful concrete basement ideas, which can be made by anyone at home. PVC pipes, in turn, are suitable for the construction of various shelves.

You can also apply for the DIY ideas after the respective season. So in the spring you will have more desire to have cartel ideas, which also fit at this time of the year. It can be worked with wonderfully with flowers, which are now slowly but sure to find everywhere and which you can dry. Fresh flowers are suitable for home-made flower arrangements.

 However, artificial flowers can also be used for arrangements. Also the Easter festival is now announced and offers the possibility for unique decorations, among which also beginners quickly find the suitable variant. Use branches, best with flowers, Easter eggs and fresh, colorful colors. Natural materials are particularly suitable for crafting.

Making jewelery yourself means making everyone happy. The growing people in the family can make, for example, bangles of colorful buttons, which fit the school outfits, are a real eye-catcher, and are characterized by originality. Inventive and great chains are decorated with wooden or glass beads, paper beads with retro patterns,

Which you can paint yourself and with small plastic figures to the wires, cords or tapes. Cotton cord in different colors are decorated with metal elements and can be worn both as an arm hoop and hair band. With light tweezers, pearl pins, squeeze pearls or wire-tweezers and beaded embroidery you will be able to craft beautiful jewelery yourself.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

If you do not get enough sleep ? How to look rested,

Noisy party, unsuccessfully arriving train or just a meeting guests can not leave you a chance to sleep properly. It does not matter, because there is a proven script dealing with the consequences.

1 Cheer

Ways to weight: washing with ice water with lemon juice, contrast showers and a few simple, but vigorous exercise. It is better to take advantage of all at once - it will not take more than 20 minutes, but the effect will produce impressive!

2. Make a toning mask

Use a tool that operates an emergency - for example, a mask-patch. Having put the mask on your face, you can safely cook breakfast or enjoy the selection of shoes to the dress.

3. Apply moisturizer

Make it at least half an hour before going outside. The cream should match your skin type and the skin around the eyes is best to use a cooling gel. And with him is to take the spray ice - with its help you can cool off on the job.

4. Make a make-up - a thorough but unobtrusive

Mistaken those ladies who, after a sleepless night, put on the face more makeup than usual - they only draw attention to imperfections! It is necessary to choose a bright, natural colors and shades of lipstick, brown eyeliner and give up a thick layer of tonal resources, replacing it with BB-cream or powder and proofreader - in problem areas. An ideal base to remedy with tiny reflective particles - such as our serum-highlighter or a new blёr cream.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Undercut Hairstyles for Ladies 2017

The undercut is undoubtedly one of the biggest hairstyles at the moment.The fashionable short haircut fascinates many ladies and that is no wonder. Whether as an accent under long hair, which is only shown on request or as an effective finish for short hair cuts for women, it turns every hair into a true highlight. It offers the possibility to emphasize the neck by patterns or colors particularly original.

Undercut hairstyles for long hair are usually not at all conspicuous. Only for certain hairstyles is the attractive shave for ladies to the fore. If the hair is piled up or tied to a dutt or horse tail, the neck appears, which you can emphasize with any pattern.

The shorter the shave, the brighter the hair color appears. In this way interesting effects arise without the use of additional color. Very good to see this is undercut hairstyles like the example above. A great combination are dutt and undercut hairstyles.

You can combine fashionable patterns and styling with one of the most feminine elements for ladies' hairstyles, the Dutt. It is a great addition to the undercut and so popular with everyday life. The geometrical pattern for the undercut can be changed at regular intervals, as soon as the hair is sufficiently regrowth again.

This geometric pattern is somewhat more elaborate and for this reason also more conspicuous. The combination of patterns for undercut hairstyles and the red color of the hair looks particularly attractive.

You'll get two interesting accents, which are equally good for high-staked or tied hair. The advantage with the undercut for long hair is that it can also be hidden by simply wearing the hair.

This is, in principle, like a tattoo, which can be found in an inconspicuous place and can be covered with clothes. This way, you can hide the controversial undercut hairstyles whenever you think it is necessary. The size of the undercut hairstyle you choose for yourself.

There are no rules in principle. It just depends on how big you imagine the motif or pattern and how thick your hair is and how much you can do without the rest of your hair looking too thin. This can be a hairdresser's best estimate.

This undercut occupies slightly more than a third of the back head and is thus quite wide. However, a more elaborate motif and pattern is possible. For this example, a hip Aztec pattern was chosen, which is also very popular with tattoos. If you have such a tattoo, you can add it to the appropriate undercut hairstyles.

Hairstyle haircuts in ladies are quite peppy. With an undercut, however, you bring the hairstyle to a new level.

The Undercut will take a look, especially with such a pattern. In addition, there is an interesting tattoo, which seems to take the undercut further. Combine tattoos at the neck so also with undercut hairstyles.

The Undercut will take a look, especially with such a pattern. In addition, there is an interesting tattoo, which seems to take the undercut further. Combine tattoos on the neck so you can also use undercut hairstyles.For short shorts with undercut you get also when you design the hair with different colors. This is a variant for especially brave ladies.

The undercut hairstyles with any patterns are designed in different colors. If desired, either the undercut can be dyed or all the hair can be dyed.

You can do this yourself, a hairdresser or a girlfriend for you. To make the different motifs and patterns for the undercut hairstyles, is played with the length of the shaved hair.

This cat also came into being, which is also colored in color from the rest of the undercute. The short hair was divided into two halves - right is blue and left is pink. A new and popular trend is the design of undercut hairstyles with glitter. The hairstyle looks much more glamorous and is especially suitable for parties or other special occasions.There are no limits for the glitter undercut. Any motifs are highlighted with sparkling elements.


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Puzzle Bubble Shooter

You are all familiar with the Game Puzzle Bubble Shooter.In fact, most of us have played the game in childhood. It will be very fun to play this game of children on the internet. Other interesting news waiting for those who want to get into the world of the bubble. First, you should know that you can call as a puzzle bubble bust.

Once you decide bathtub with bubbles, you can end up with a variety of games. In fact, they are entertained all day. We see that people even older with a smile a million dollars to end after playing with bubbles. You should definitely lure some of these games that shook the world of online gambling.

While playing online puzzle bubble, you must be very fast because you have to move by clicking on the mouse. Sometimes you can have to jump and then shoot the bubbles. At these games is not only entertaining, but also makes a good shooter. One thing that always keep in mind that these games also require resilience.

In the spare time, if you feel boring, then start blowing bubbles. After a few hours you can be found amidst the colorful bubbles. To shoot the bubbles, you should focus and you need to do a previous speculation. In addition, you can see it only about 17 balls in each row, and you need to report a certain color random list.

There are several steps in this type of games. Once you have completed the first step, you can move to the next one. Bubble puzzle game is very addictive and forced to play with full concentration. Once you start playing, you will see that accelerates your blood pressure and boosts your brain stoking the game.

Puzzle Games Bubbles are commendable and would certainly like to play again and again. A sniper always likes to play with bubbles. There are a wide varieties of these games and you go to one that you like.

Puzzle Bubble is a game that you can entertain all day. In a rectangular battlefield with guns, it takes a mission trip bladder from target and shoot at the targets.

The cannon parked on the ground, hang the bubbles on the battlefield. You have to keep shooting until you have exhausted bubbles, then you can move to the next level. They might also be in look for the uniform colored bubbles that the identity appears to burst.

For the game ends, the bubbles move faster than they can cope. That is, they have been driven by the enemy, therefore, has no choice but to surrender.

If too long remain, the bubbles can start attacking. Therefore, you need a lot of attention all the time. This is a form of entertainment that will be interesting over time and the more you play, the more intriguing it becomes.

The simplicity of this game makes it the favorite of all time. The first version consists of two dinosaur mascots, Bob and Bub with Japanese music tracks on it, the latest releases that are released have different environments such as underwater and battlespace.

This great invention was seen with the same theme as well as the creation of other toy toys. It is common to find the game in the plastic bubble toy.

The online versions of this classic game are so easy to play and manage.You can have fun with them via their mobile gadgets with additional themes, lights and musical horizons.The good puzzle bubble that keeps you awake and alert when you get bored.

With the Enter button to start and Bubble Bubbles to shoot, continue to shoot the enemy target until they are done and then move to a different level and continue shooting. You can also put a break in the game later, you will not lose track of your points that you deserve.

Versions of the puzzle bubble today follow the same rules of the shooting, but have been spiked to include more fun. Various colored bubbles are also used to confuse your target and call for greater attention.

Some inventions used instead of bubble balloons, but the idea is the same. With online versions, you can compare your score with other players, plus you can measure your ability to try to match their levels. The speed increases with different levels that will be so much faster in the bubbles that move fast. On this, your concentration and coordination test speed.

These games can be so much fun that can become addiction. However, the fans love and that is all that counts.

Some of the most talked about and played games in this category include; Soap bubble, fairy bubble, funny bubble, bubble shooter, shooter sonic bad, problems of bubbles and more.

For new players, these games are easy and fun to play. To read the online version of the shooter, just use the mouse where you need to get your blisters and click to be.

The more bubbles exploding, the more points you get especially when the explosions occur in more than one area. If you lose your target, you lose points. The game ends when all your bubbles have disappeared.

One of the most recent versions is the multiplier. Here are the points you earn twice, and this is reflected in its overall rating.

Playing on the Popper release, your goal should be to pop any bubbles that appear on the screen of your computer. Be careful not to pop balloons of the same color. To complete a round, you will have three levels each with a harder than the others to delete. The serial number will require you to show on the screen showing blown. Additional points are earned by popping bubbles that release coins.

Brimming special bubbles, multiply your points. There is an option to change the difficulty at any time during the game. But beware; Change the levels without completing his last automatic mean you earn points earned.

As the name suggests, Sonic bad shooter mimics a dangerous situation where the character of the sound film is trapped in a water reservoir and player that only safe swallows bubbles and bad bubbles so must clear out the way to ensure that the sound is sure to be an escape. This game can be quite complicated for the first time players, but it becomes easier with experience.

Fairy Bubble presents a scenario where a little fairy is caught with a friend for a bad boy in a bubble-shaped cage. The player must then move safely to avoid this danger cage and make the landing in a safe area. This is done in the levels and for each successful level you earn points.

To play bladder problems, you must learn to find a balance between the release of bubbles and fall to help you save your life (in a way). There are player version and different versions of the player.

To successfully play soap bubbles, you will have to run through a complex and avoid obstacles. You collect points as you advance and cover more distances.

To play bubble jigsaw, you have to control two dragons. This fire-spewing dragon and your role as a player to do what fire hit three balls of the same color and make them fall. The points you earn depends on how many balls you do not fall. The game will become increasingly difficult and as high as level 8 go.

Friday, 10 February 2017

What can be done with the eyebrows

In recent years, more and more girls trying to grow the natural width of the brow as a trend - naturalness.A narrow eyebrows, which were many after the fashion of "strings", do not look very aesthetically pleasing, if they are not corrected. However, in the fight for the beauty of the eyebrows are often allowed a number of errors.


 Plucking a magnifying mirror
One of the biggest mistakes in the handling of the eyebrows is their plucking with a magnifying mirror. With this technique, you certainly will feel that it is necessary to pull out again and again.

 Funds Face
Eyebrows are not in need of care in the form of creams for the face. Therefore, it is not necessary to smear their similar means.The fact is that the cream base by virtue of its composition slows hair growth. At the same time, without a care in the eyebrows, especially in the cold season may appear dry dandruff.Best of all, before applying makeup to the face grease eyebrows. Firstly, like hair oil, and secondly, it will protect them from unwanted accidental means.

 Lack of purification
Eyebrows - it's hair, and the hair should be washed. Necessarily affect cleanser eyebrows do some massage movements, to wash away the remnants of cosmetics, skin grease and dirt. Try to use for this zone delicate foams and mousses.

 Correction once a week
Eyebrows must be adjusted more than once a week for good eye makeup,and as they regrowth. If you adjust them according to the schedule, it is very easy to spoil the line shape of the eyebrows, and then all the efforts of the wizard, or you most will be missed. Therefore enter for yourself a new habit every morning to pull regrown hair.

Lack of care
Most women forget that behind the eyebrows need to take care, as well as for any other part of the face and body. Eyebrows as the hair in need of protection, nutrition and hydration. There are specialists who advise from time to time applied to the brow hair masks. So, it will help to make them smooth and shiny, as well as facilitate the laying of: in particular, they will lie flat throughout the day without any additional compensation.