Friday, 11 August 2017

How To Find The Right Hairstyle Styling Tool

Hairspray, tip series, nursing care - most of us have a nice arsenal of styling and care products for the hair. But the beauty helpers bring only half as much, if the hairbrushes with which we work our hair can not keep up.

The best investment in beautiful and healthy hair is therefore a good hairbrush! But which one is the right one? For whether you have curly, smooth, brittle or dry hair plays an important role in choosing the right hairbrush.I explain which brush is the number one styling helper for your hair style.

Brushing does not only make a Fit Hairstyle out of a morning confusion, they are also important to keep hair and scalp healthy. The brush strokes stimulate the circulation of the scalp, thus promoting the supply of nutrients to the hair roots. Dead skin cells are removed and horns are loosened.

The most important tip: Invest in quality hair brushes, even if they are slightly more expensive. Brushes of poor quality can have bristles that look like microscopes under the microscope. You can imagine that such bristles hurt the hair more than nurture it. Natural bristles are gentle on the hair. They have the same surface structure as human hair and are therefore especially gentle to the small scales that enclose the hair shaft.

Experts recommend hairbrushes for gentle combing, which combine longer, high-quality plastic bristles with slightly shorter natural hairbs. The slightly longer bristles massage the scalp, while the natural hair spreads the sebum in the hair and smoothes its surface.

The so-called Detangler hairbrushes for example the 'Tangle Teezer' - look like small plastic eggs. Their soft synthetic bristles are so supple that they are perfect for untangling your hair. Especially women with long hair know the problem: After washing or a windy day, the hair is so matted that with a normal hair color is no passing through. The plastic bristles of the 'Detangler' glide much more easily and thus more gently through the hair. The secret is to be its differently long bristles. With the 'Detangler' it is then: Pluck and tugging!

However, when it comes to styling, other criteria are important for choosing the right hairbrush. Depending on whether you have fine hair or lush curls, whether to change their volume or waves in sleek look - for every styling needs, there is the right brush! Which hairbrushes are suitable for which hair, we show you here:

The flat and angular hairbrushes are called 'paddle brush' by stylists and hairdressers. Their bristles are usually made of plastic. The hair glides relatively well, but for styling, these hairbrushes are less suitable because they offer too little grip.

The Paddle Brush is a good choice for those who have longer, stronger hair that they prefer to wear smoothly. It is best used for blow drying: thanks to its large working surface, the hair can be drayed more quickly and smoothed at the same time.Swing into the tips or volume into the booth, the paddle brush hair-bars can not. If the hair is almost dry, you should use a round brush - this grips in the hair better and can shape it better.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Fascinating Hairstyle Fashion Tactics

Over time, people with long hair often feel that their hair is unoriginal and need extra something to help their own individuality. Hairstyles For Long Hair change can be difficult Hairstyles Long hair make-up, especially if you have had the same style for a long time. There are some very important steps to change hairstyles and after all of them can lead to some not very big, strange looking hair.

 It is important to make an idea of ​​it hairstyles long hair making what kind of look is desirable. Will the color? Will you have to stay free on the spot or fall? Is there a specific place or event? These are just some questions each starter needs to think about before choosing a decision about what hairstyle.

Skin color should also be something to consider when browsing through long hairstyles photo. There is no rule to compare the skin color of the hair color, but if you make a hairstyle hairstyles long hair do the same, but do not fit the skin tone on their own, you should ask your stylist in their opinion.

It is important to have a long or easy to have my hair for big events like the final ball or a wedding fix because they are within a few hours, danced, blending, and all sorts of movements that affect the look of girls can. So, your graduation hairstyles for long hair should be carefully chosen your face appropriately so as to make the texture of hair hairstyles long hair, your dress and also your personality. While the decision to use a large number of pencils and hairspray was to fix the hairstyle, you can also choose a hairstyle that does not require much work, it looks natural and will remain beautiful in the night.

Many women - and also Hollywood celebrities - like their hair to wear naturally, these days, with only a part of the side and some big, soft curls. This hairstyle looks good, beautiful and elegant, but you need to give your hair a little to shape it to give it a finished look. All you need to do is to wash your hair, dry, apply a protective hairstyles long hair, and then apply the greatest roles you can put on. When the hair is dry, curlers take out and comb the hair gently with your fingers. His coat on one side of the face, and then secure it with a rich fist and you have created one of the simplest hairstyles for prom long hair.

Another Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair That are Popular at the moment is a fishtail braid. For this hairstyle, all you need to know is how to perform the scythe, and then decide if you want it to become stronger or weaker. You can also fill by adding some artificial flowers and diamond pins. If you want to let your hair loose in all its glory, let your hair stretch long hair, you can stretch it, or add some vintage finger curls framing the face. Usually forget that it should be a hairstyle that you should feel comfortable to wear, and you are sure to look beautiful.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Best Hairstyles For Girls

 The dream of all women have long hair. Besides the long hair that looks elegant, it also gives you a wide selection of hair styles to choose from. Here are some of the best hairstyles you should go to if you have long hair:

They make a braid hair is divided into three equal parts. You have to beat the middle of the string around your back and left. Then you need to make the new area in the middle around its back and right. Finally, you have to pull the remaining wire back and left.

There are many variations braids can go with. One of the most popular are the classic plait braids, where you have two one on each side. You should start by dividing your hair into two back and forth. You must braid each section and complete with a fly around the look.

Another variant is the French braid braid by removing a small braid in braids to the center. You must divide your hair into three identical small strands. Then the three son must be attached by a standard braid.

They make a bun twist their hair in a direction until a curling curling. You must hold the hair and twist together in a spiral coil on the head. If you have a unique look, you need to keep the bun with screws.

Another unique way to create a bun is to make a bun on each side. You need to do this by dividing your hair evenly in the middle of its head and rolling each side. You should head over his ears making bread on it. They can also be placed closer to the neck on the back of the head.

Other erratically looking rolls around the head, as small buttons should do. As a rule, you should never lay the rolls as expected.

Hairstyles play a very important role in influencing the appearance of a person. You can improve or remove the appearance many mothers are ready to give the best hairstyle to their daughters. It is nice to try out new looks for mothers and daughters. There is just a great feeling to see how they look cute when you are given the style of a little angel.

There are many nice hairstyles for girls and teenagers. Most simple styles are suitable for all types of facial shapes and facial features. In fact, it is young childish hairdo a carefree task when the child or parents are difficult or aware of this new look. The goal is simple, and that is cute and sweet air.

Hairstyles are for short hair, medium and long. It is intended to create simple things like pens and colored ribbons to create the look. The goal is manageable and maid properly arranged. They are too young to handle the complex designs that require patience in style and careful when wearing.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Untold Secret To Mastering Hair Styles In Just 3 Days

 People always go back to the salon, who believe that the dirtier the hair is the better it can be cut. This was also the case earlier.When was this earlier asked? In the 18th century? It is always disgusting when customers with very dirty hair come to the hairdresser and you can really only wash with gloves. Or if they smell strongly of sweat. One comes very close.

Occasionally, customers bring in their own utensils because they want to get their hair washed and washed. Flour, bran, beer, fabric softener for washing, hair soaps and so on. Or they can unpack the entire storage chamber for washing, rinsing, solidifying, dyeing - and we should take the stuff. I'm sorry, but do you bring his steak to the restaurant, his coffee to the bistro, or the beer in the pub.

Just lightly massage while washing? Some customers want to be hard hit. You are now almost getting the brain out of the customer's fingers, and she says, 'You can wash the nails,, I can not, I do not want to hurt anyone.'

 It is sometimes different from women. The women see wrinkles, fat rolls and gray hair, are frustrated and shocked and unhappy. Men with beer belly, half-gauntlet and fine rib t-shirt under the much too wide-open shirt see a young pretty woman and say, 'I'd make it clear right away.' and you think 'hey, what you?and say, a bit too young for you. But he really means that seriously: Why, still look good, young and fresh! You do not understand the world anymore.

With the increasing popularity of style you-tubes, there are always customers who want to have a hairstyle like their net idols. But what is shown and claimed in this way is often already marginal - and can do bad things.

This is the simplest way to incorporate hair loops. Just attach it any way you want - whether in coke, half-trapped, ponytail, braid - and then attach the fabric loop, which can come with elastic or grapple. The bigger the accessory, the more playful the composition.

Scarves can be multipurpose and of course come in to give grace to hairstyles.There are several ways to use it. I like the pin-up version, which looks great even on those who have curly hair. You can not say it's a perfect tie, but it's almost like one! I also loved the idea of tying a lotion to finish the cokes!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

How to prevent hair loss and keep them strong

Spring is not only a time of love and beauty. At this time of the year, a woman needs special care for her appearance. Lack of sun in winter and spring avitaminosis especially affects the condition of the hair.Most women complain in the spring of tarnish, brittle, dry hair, some have a strong electrifying or falling out.

The main reason for all these troubles is the lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body.That's why not only doctors, but also cosmetologists in one voice advise everyone to take vitamin complexes in the spring.

However, you can help your locks not only from within, but also with the help of various cosmetics, in choosing which you must take into account the type of your hair and the problem that must be solved first.

One of the most important problems faced by almost every woman in the spring is fragility and hair loss.The reason for this is an acute lack of vitamins and nutrients. How to prevent hair loss and keep them strong?

If you are faced with this problem, you need to start using additional hair care products.
So, in addition to the usual shampoo, get a special mask that strengthens the hair follicles. Also, balms or hair creams with a similar effect are ideal.

To get rid of brittleness, you must also provide your locks with extra food and strength.
When brittle and hair loss, special attention should be paid to combing them. Remember several rules:

- carefully choose a comb: it is better to give preference to soft than hard;

- use the means (balms, creams) to facilitate combing;

- Try not to brush your wet hair, wait until they get a little dry.

It is also useful to massage the scalp, gently massaging the skin with the pads of the fingers. Do this massage can often - daily or even several times a day.

Many of the fair sex complain that their hair in the spring begins to grow poorly.

There are many components that stimulate hair growth - different companies offer their formulas that provide the desired results.

But we must remember that substances that accelerate growth are usually very active and for sensitive scalp may not be appropriate.

If this is your case, it is better to give up strong drugs and give preference to more sparing.
It is known that to stimulate hair growth it is necessary to improve blood circulation in the scalp.
For this, it is not necessary to use expensive drugs, sometimes it is possible to do it on your own. So, you can improve blood circulation with the help of head massage:
- Massage with a brush with soft teeth and rounded ends,
- Massage with hands.

Massage is carried out by two hands with circular and cross movements. First, the edge line of hair growth is massed, then the entire scalp.

The procedure usually lasts 7-10 minutes. It is desirable to do it 2-3 times a week.
Also, scalp massage can be performed with a special treatment mask that stimulates hair growth.

Another common problem in the spring is dullness and lifelessness of the hair.
They noticeably lose their luster, look unnatural, become electrified, become disobedient and do not fit well in their hair. How to cope with these problems?

Often to return a lively and healthy shine help light balms for hair - those that are applied immediately after washing and require flushing.

You can also use light gels and sprays - they do not require flushing and can be applied to wet or dry hair.These agents are easy to apply and usually the effect is noticeable after the first application.
Essential Care-if the above means do not allow you to achieve the desired result, you need to approach the problem more seriously.Most likely, your hair, like the body as a whole, lacks vitamins and nutrients.Be sure to start taking a vitamin complex and diversify your diet.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

If your jewelery is often struck by black spots

Anyone who has jewelry or silverware knows the problem of the stains on the precious metal. However, this is due to its nature - silver reacts with the hydrogen sulphide from the air and becomes discolored. It is not damaged in itself, but its appearance suffers under the black patina. Of course, there are ample means specially designed for the purpose in the market, but you can easily clean the popular silver jewelery.

If your jewelery is often struck by black spots, it would be helpful to know how to prevent the most annoying stains . Always keep silver jewelery or cutlery in a velvet casket. As an additional measure, you should thoroughly polish chains and earrings after wearing with a velvet cloth. In addition, it helps to put a piece of white chalk to the jewelry and cutlery. This absorbs the air humidity so that discoloration can not occur at all.

There are a lot of materials with which you can make beautiful accessories and jewelry yourself. Not many of them can be processed in such a variety of ways and can be modeled like casting resins. Small accents, be it flowers, pearls, fabric or stickers, let in the product itself.

Before you begin crafting jewelry or accessories from cast resin, you should know that there are several types of resin. In almost every shop or DIY store you can get epoxy resin and polyester resin. The main difference between them is the time they need to harden. Both are processed by mixing the actual resin and the appropriate hardener. The mixing ratio is particularly important and one should strictly follow the instructions. A kitchen scale or measuring container can be a good solution. Most of the time you get the resin in a huge container and the hardener in a tiny bottle.

Another difference between epoxy resin and polyester resin is the appearance. Epoxy resin is crystal clear and therefore better suited for the production of jewelery. Polyester resin cures very fast, is very robust and is often used for the production of molds - mold making, boat building, profile plates, etc. Apart from the casting resin, a casting mold is also required.

One of the most popular accessories this year is the bruce owen jewelry and design for women. It became quite popular even in the early days and indicated the social status of the wearer. Embellished wristbands at that time were the custom of the coronation or as a symbol of their belonging.

 Jewelery from can closures. Unusual chains, bracelets, earrings and even bags can be tied together, stuck together or simply tinkered. These accessories match the party dress exactly as well as to the everyday outfit.  

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The summer fashion 2017

The summer fashion 2017 is guaranteed not to be boring. A comeback celebrates well-known trends such as neon colors, slogans on basic T-shirts and the Xl shoulders charateristic for the 80s, but also many others, which are reinterpreted. For the everyday fashion and a stylish appearance at the same time the sporty elegance is appropriate here. Classic cuts, delicate fabrics in light colors combine wonderfully with flat shoes, especially sneakers today, sports shoes are a must-have piece.Designers and fashionistas simply put them together and wear them with pride.

Airy dresses with feminine silhouette and floral prints are among the most important fashion trends this summer. Harmonically supplemented by accessories or accentuated by it, it is only one of great significance: show individuality. Fashion is for everyone, for all ages and figurines, when worn with self-confidence. Take a look at the most important Modertrends for the coming season with us.

In the spring, our arms move oversized to overlaid frills and veils. Voluminous, frayed or exposed balloon, trumpet and puffed sleeves put them in an artistic way. This makes the accent on the upper body and it is a wonderful medium to draw attention to problem areas such as hip and thighs.

Floor length dresses are our favorites and the designer as well. They envelop the body romantically with delicate fabrics and make the female figure look fair. Lovely flowers, opulent fabrics ensure a refined, feminine look. For which piece of clothing is more feminine than the dress itself? The feminine emanation is complemented by masculine accents, such as waist belts, buckles or rough chain elements, to create an extremely exciting silhouette.

Slogan t-shirts celebrate their comeback and are an indispensable part from the spring collection.It is dominated by political, feminine and funny messages and can be combined with jeans and elegant pencil or tuturock. Be careful when selecting the slogan, because it is not appropriate for an office outfit.

The dice-shaped block check is now back on the catwalks. It is also suitable for everyday life and can be interpreted both sportily and elegantly. Blouses, skirts and trousers, whether colorful or classic in black and white, small and large checked parts are combined. The styling tip here is: simply look for a harmonious color combination.

Retro floral prints, more or less reminiscent of the patterns from the 70s, are one of the hottest trends for the coming summer. These are especially liked to be worn as a total look or together with powerful colors. 

White is undisputedly the most popular summer color. It is stylish and gives radiant, fresh radiance. A white part is statement and at the same time a perfect basis for the so-called Capsule Wardrobe. Of course white can be worn not only in summer, e.g. A white shirt belongs to the annual office outfit. However, trousers and overalls with a wide silhouette are mostly preferred during the warm season, especially when they are made of cooling linen or elegant silk fabric.